Driving lessons in English

At driving school Geduld, it is possible to complete your driving course in English. We also have English theory books available.

Driving school Geduld is an officially recognized driving school in the field of ADHD and autism. We also specialize in performance anxiety and driving anxiety. If you want to start taking driving lessons, you will start with an intake.

At driving school Geduld, we think it is important that you feel comfortable in the instructor’s car, and in order to achieve this the instructor will adapt to your preferences. On the basis of the aforementioned intake, we will give you lessons according to the appropriate level.

An intake will take an hour and a half (90 minutes).
The intake functions as a first meeting in which you and the instructor get to know each other. During the intake, you immediately get to take place behind the wheel. Before you actually leave, the instructor will discuss your level and there will be an opportunity for you to ask all the questions you may already have. The instructor will indicate when you have to bring the vehicle to a halt when driving, and he will discuss or explain a certain situation.

After this intake, you have an opportunity to express your experience of it, and the instructor will discuss his findings with you. This is also where you will discuss the proceeding of your driving course, in which the instructor will tell you how much lessons he has in mind for you, what the required literature entails, and which course package he recommends.
It is possible to have this intake conversation with your parents or guardians, if you would prefer that.

Eventually, you will have the opportunity to decide whether you want to start your driving course at driving school Geduld, or if you still want to contact the driving school by phone.

In order to fit your driving lessons into your personal life and learning style in the best possible way, you can choose to drive for one, one and a half, or more hours. An hour with us is always one whole hour, not fifty minutes!

One of the advantages of driving school Geduld is its temporal flexibility. This means that you can drive during the day, on evenings and on Saturdays.

At driving school Geduld, it is possible to finish your driving course within ten days. This is a highly intensive driving course with the goal of rapidly obtaining a driver’s license. This course consists of daily lessons, which take three to four hours each.